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Mouth Guards

Clear mouth guard from Townsley Family Dentistry

A custom mouth guard from Townsley Family Dentistry is a simple way to protect your teeth when sleeping or playing sports. 

About Mouth Guards

Why do I need a mouthguard?

There are several different reasons that patients may benefit from the use of a mouth guard.

  • Teeth grinding

  • Snoring

  • Sleep apnea

  • Protection for athletes playing sports.

Our dentist can custom-make a mouth guard for you at Townsley Family Dentistry. The mouth guard will be created from an impression of your teeth. A well-fitted mouth guard creates the highest level of comfort and easily stays in place. This helps patients sleep more comfortably. The dentist can make mouth guards specifically to help with snoring or mild sleep apnea.

How do I care for my mouthguard?

Once you have received your new custom mouth guard, it is important to take care of it so that your teeth can be appropriately protected. Here are some tips to care for your mouth guard and keep your teeth protected while you’re playing sports or sleeping.

  • Gently scrub the mouth guard using soap and water

  • Keep your mouth guard stored in a case when they are not in use

  • Keep the mouth guard away from direct sunlight or hot water

  • Avoid chewing on your mouth guard


Dr. Richardson, Dr. Townsley, and the team at Townsley Family Dentistry can provide you with mouth guards custom-made to fit properly onto your teeth. 

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